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Sales conditions 

Dodo Travel & Tours Services 

All the products and travel services presented on our site are approachable subject to their availability. If your reservation request is accepted, you will receive an e-mail of confirmation on behalf of Dodo Travel & Tours as soon as possible.
Dodo Travel & Tours acts as intermediary for a travel providers such as airline companies, hotels, car rental companies, insurance companies and others. By accepting the present Terms of sale, you recognize that Dodo Travel & Tours acts only as representative for all the services except tourist fixed package. (Establish a tourist fixed package an exceeding service 24 hours or including an overnight stay and resulting from the combination of at least two of three services.

So the present terms of sale are completed by the applicable specific conditions by the various suppliers of services proposed on our site. So we draw your attention to the fact that the specific conditions of the Suppliers of Journeys can understand conditions concerning terms of payment, breaches, responsibility, cancellations or modifications of reservations, the conditions of refund or the other restrictive conditions, if necessary.

Dodo Travel & Tours can see on no account its involved responsibility in case of negligences of the travel providers or non-fulfillment of the service resulting from your fact. Regarding tourism packages Dodo Travel & Tours can see on no account its involved responsibility in case of attributable non-fulfillment to the buyer, to the fact of a third foreign to the supply of the service or to the case of absolute necessity.Establish a case of absolute necessity, any unpredictable and insuperable event escaping the control of Dodo Travel & Tours and returning the execution of the obligations of the impossible contract. Dodo Travel & Tours will however see to it to propose you services of replacement. Any additional charge, if the services are accepted by the buyer will be supported by the latter.

Agree to the terms and conditions 
A transaction on the site is reserved for the users having beforehand acquainted and accepted, without reserve, the entire Terms of sale of the site and the specific conditions of the order were communicated during the procedure of reservation and purchase. The complete acceptance of these conditions is realized by the electronic signature of the user, made up of the validation of a checkbox and the communication of its personal and/or banking address and phone number. Without the electronic signature having value of handwritten signature between the parts of the user, the order cannot be finalized.

The user 
You are old of at least 18 years and capable legally of contracting. You accept the responsibility of any operation made under your name or your account, unless the operation is fraudulent, resulted from a hacking or from a technical imperfection being a matter of the fault of Dodo Travel & Tours. The information which you supply on yourself or on any member of your "home" is true and exact.

Price and Payment
Unless otherwise mentioned, the prices are shown in Euros, included VAT, and cool of reservation, treatment, delivery or emission included. All our quotations are expressed in euro (EU€), for the tourist packages our quotations present a general description of the services and indicate more exactly what our price list includes and does not understand. All the prices and the price lists will be reconfirmés during the definitive reservation and the payment will have to be made in euro (EU€). A 20 % deposit will be required in the reservation and the balance 30 days before the date of arrival. For any demands unless 30 days before the date of arrival a complete payment is required at the time of the reservation.
Only the communicated final price will be charged to you except in case of price increase connected to circumstances exceptional and independent from the will of Dodo Travel & Tours, in this case we shall communicate with you the changes as soon as they will have been notified to us.
Our rates never include tips and personal spending.

All the request of cancellation must be confirmed in writing and also have to indicate expressly the acceptance of expenses held by Dodo Travel and Tours and\or the travel providers as such. Dodo Travel and Tours will hold as date of official cancellation, date of reception at our home of your mail or e-mail to J+1.

Cancellation policy Dodo Travel & Tours
For any cancellation except opposite mention arriving after confirmation, the following penalties are applicable :

  • 25 % after confirmation.
  • 35 % between 26 and 40 days before arrival day.
  • 50% between 12 and 25 days before arrival days .
  • 100% between 11 and less before the date of arrival.

In exceptional circumstances Dodo Travel & Tours will make every effort with its service providers to reduce these penalties.

Dodo Travel & Tours asks to all his customers to sign an appropriate Travel insurance, including an assistance repatriation.

Any complaint must be sent to Dodo Travel & Tours by registered letter with recorded delivery in the next 30 days the end of the journey being the object of the complaint at the following address:
Reclamations services – Dodo Travel & Tours – Tana Waterfront – Ambodivona – Antananarivo – Madagascar

Information provided on the website 

Dodo Travel & Tours provides you with on its site of the information aiming at directing your searches but it is of your responsibility for acquainting with formalities necessary for the fulfillment of your journey and to respect them by sending to you to consulates or embassies of the visited or crossed countries. All the expenses relative to these steps are at your expense. No refund of the price of the journey will be made by Dodo Travel and Tours if you are penalized or in the impossibility to take the departure of a route because of the failure to respect these formalities.
Dodo Travel and Tours tries hard to propose you illustrative or descriptive photos of services offered but they have only an indicative value.
The indicated exchange rates are supplied only for information purposes.
Our site can contain links towards other Web sites held and administered by thirds. Dodo Travel and Tours can guarantee the lawfulness, the accuracy, the exhaustiveness and the quality of the information which are contained there. However, Sleep Travel and Tours makes a commitment to delete any link towards these third sites as soon as we shall have acquainted with their obviously illicit, inaccurate or inadequate character.

Use of the site 
Dodo Travel & Tours is responsible on no account if, because of the operations of maintenance or for reasons which are independent it, you cannot reach the Site, or if this access is interrupted, whatever moment it is, or if any defect, independent from its will, prevents from realizing an operation. Dodo Travel & Tours does not guarantee that its site is exempt from computer viruses nor from other anomalies independent from its will.

You can choose to subscribe to Dodo Travel & Tours newsletter, which will be sent to you in your e-mail address and which will contain news, information and offers. You can cancel a subscription literally of information by contacting us in the e-mail address: or or by using the hypertext link planned for that purpose in every newsletter.

Intellectual Property 
All the contents of our site and all the intellectual property rights are the property of Dodo Travel and Tours, of his affiliated companies. The name Dodo Travel and Tours and any other marks, logos, representations of Dodo Travel and Tours shown on our site are registered trademarks.

Change of sales terms and uses 
Dodo Travel & Tours reserves the right to modify or to update the present Terms of sale and Use, at any time, without advance notice. The current version of these Terms of sale is posted on the site from the date in which a modification comes into effect. The pursuit of the use of the Site, after a modification of the Terms of sale of the Site intervened, establishes the acceptance from you of this modification, being understood that the version of the Terms of sale applicable to your reservation or purchase of product or travel service through the Site, is the one current in the day of this reservation or purchase.

Applicable low 

The present Terms of sale are governed by the straight Mauritian.
On-line publishing on 22/11/2006


The quality charter of Dodo Travel & Tours

Dodo Travel and Tours considers that the quality guarantee of any service is a first and natural requirement on behalf of his customers.

The implementation of the Charter presented below is an essential element of our action on a daily basis, it rests above all on a commitment of the team of Dodo Travel and Tours to be used individually and collectively to make progress constantly the quality by respecting the following principles : 

  • Exercise our activity in the respect for the values and the uses of the profession and make rigorous proof and of know-how in all our professional acts and give a developing image of the profession.
  • Develop training initiatives and recruitment which take into account constraints of the job, the needs for the customers and to dedicate the time and the necessary means to the improvements of our tools.
  • Welcome in a constant way every public without distinction, look after the reception so phone, e-mail as physical appearance and to watch the cleanliness of places and over the neighborhoods of our agencies.
  • Give itself the ways to lead with relevance the projects at our expense, to design or to choose products and adequate services and to promise only what is practicable.
  • Select and check regularly our suppliers on strict quality criteria, negotiate effectively the costs and propose the best services in the best cost.
  • Confirm by every possible means at our disposal of the good reception and the understanding of the demands of our customers and agree they or inform them of our response time.
  • Assure our customers of an answer individualized according to their request or according to their project and a support before, hanging and after our service.
  • Apply the rule of the professional secrecy and the data protection within the framework of our missions with our customers.
  • Respect, communicate and update the prices of the services. Watch to establish the just value for money and to inform upstream of our terms of sale.
  • Make sure of the traceability of our actions, measure regularly with our customers our efficiency and in case of dispute try hard to look for an amicable solution.

Our Quality charter establishes one of the bases of our development to win the trust of our customers by allowing us to assure them of the services adapted to their expectations.

Dodo Travel & Tours Standards 

For the classification of Dodo Travel and Tours products which we propose, we base ourselves on the international standards and the scale of classification, declined here for example, on the hotel products :

  • Economic : Accommodation and basic services so cheap. 
  • Functional : Hosting and services of average quality.
  • Standard : Accommodation, Quality services and good value for money, with comfortable rooms.
  • Luxe : Accommodation and quality services with comfortable rooms, fitted out well with the standard opportunities (safe, mini bar, TV …) and the possibility of sports activities.
  • Grand Luxe : Accommodation and services of very good quality with rooms top of the range having the air-packaged, the safe, the mini bar, the hairdryer, the satellite TV (etc.) and the wide range of sports activities and additional services.
  • Prestige : Accommodation and services offering an exceptional level, with an upper level of quality and services ( 5 stars) and offering exceptional and unique executives.

Dodo Travel and Tours positions all its offer on down from range and so makes a commitment to propose you the best on each of its key destinations.

He can however arrive that we are for reasons of accessibility, offer … Obliged to include exceptionally services, accommodation for example, below the standard 3 stars, we make in this case a commitment to guarantee a product offering a minimum of quality, safety and services. If however no service corresponded to this minimum required by Sleep Travel and Tours, we shall propose you an alternative.

For example in some of our Madagascar tours, in front of the absence of offer of accommodation in correct hotel on certain sites, we propose you luxury camps. Moreover we are anxious to specify here that, except rare exception, most of the hotel products dislocate some destination on Madagascar are of standard 3 stars.

Positioned on down from range Dodo Travel and Tours will not propose you stay and very few services on the classifications of 1 and 2 stars.

To help you in your searches Dodo Travel and Tours also proposes you themes which we can summarize in the following way:

  • Family : Holidays conceived to satisfy youngs and big.
  • Couple : Your idea of holidays, the tranquillity in private.
  • Friends : Holidays to share together moments of exception and be able to keep its intimacy.
  • Corporate : A business trip with specific needs (workspace, business centers, situation ...).
  • Nature : To ally relaxation and discovery (faun,crowd)
  • Cultural : To discover better the aspect cultural of a destination.
  • Trigger: A bracket of disorientation and rest in our various Spa.
  • Adventure : You want change and strong sensations.
  • Sport : You look for an experience at the rate of your passion of the sport (Hike, Golf, Trek, MOUNTAIN BIKE, Equitation)
  • Flights : The flights proposed by Dodo Travel and Tours is accessible scheduled flights by GDS and our specialists in box office will propose you the most competitive available rates. We can also propose you private flights and we shall select our persons receiving benefits on strict criteria of quality and safety.
  • Restorations : In our offers, we can propose you catering services or in breakfast set menu, half board, American plan or quite included.
  • Vehicles and drivers : The mode of transport which we shall propose you will depend on local conditions of traffic. We ask to our suppliers to guarantee the good state of their vehicles and to proceed in a regular way to checks. We put at their disposal cards geographical of the country. Vehicles must be provided with a kit of first help. The drivers / guides owe be provided with papers in order to allow you to move on territories with no problem at all with the local authorities. They were selected for their good capacity of driving. They are for the greater part bilingual French or English. But on request, with supplement and according to availability we can propose you drivers speaking Italian, Spanish, German, Russian or other. They have a knowledge
  • Specialized guides : For visits of sites requiring deepened knowledge Dodo Travel and Tours coordinates an external team of professional guides which will bring their knowledge of specialists (history, botany, ornithology …).
    Often native of the country of the concerned destinations, they are recognized for their know-how and their knowledge and holders of diplomas adequate or stemming from recognized bodies, as our drivers, our guides are for the greater part bilingual French or English. But on request, with supplement and according to availability guide speaking Italian, Spanish, German, Russian or other.
    As our internal teams, they are enthusiastic and have for main objective to make discover their country and the sites which make up them, to allow you to live unforgettable holidays.
    Eco Tourism : Conscious of the importance to protect the environment, we try as far as possible to make a commitment with suppliers and steps in favour of the ecotourism.
  • Rates : We do not want that your budget holidays becomes a bad memory, so we try hard to us to present you rates:
    • Including the main activities of the selected stay.
    • The similar at the most of " all including " when it is possible
    • ​By detailing what is included and not included in the tariff proposal.
      This politics of tariff transparency is an important ingredient of the trust which grant us our customers and the guarantee for them of a checked budget.
  • Claims processing : We are aware whom we are not shielded from complaint from you and want their processing present quality criteria which will allow to answer you at best. So we undertake us to confirm you by e-mail the good reception of your complaint and informing you about our response time which will vary according to the nature of your request.

    Hopefully all our efforts to guarantee the quality of our offers and the transparency of our proposals will be to meet your needs. 
    We are anxious to listen to you for any suggestions, do not hesitate to contact us by means of our space contact: space out Contact


Legal Informations :

Dodo Travel & Tours, Impersonal limited company of right Malagasy with a capital of 40 million Ariary, whose head office is situated in - Tana Waterfront-Ambodivona BP 12125 Antaninarenina, Antananarivo 101 Madagascar, was registered in the Malagasy Register of Companies under the number 4051797.

Dodo Travel and Tours Titulaire of a License A, Travel agency, freed by the State Secretariat of the Tourism under the number 056/MINTOUR/SG/DG/DADI with a financial guarantee freed by the UCB and from a License B, Tour operator, freed by Minister of Culture and the Tourism under the number 014/06/MCT/SG/DG/guide.

Dodo Travel and Tours contracted a professional third-party insurance with the insurance ARO.

Email : or

Clients Services : 00 261 20 22 690 36 (Madagascar),

Opening hours:
Monday to Friday from 8:30 am till 5:30 pm
Saturday from 9h00 am till 12h00 am

Director : Louis Doger de Speville

Data Protections 

1. Preamble 
The Quality charter Dodo Travel and Tours describes the personal information which we collect and the uses which we make. According to the evolution of the site, we save ourselves the possibility of modifying this use. So, we advise you to consult it regularly. However, if you make a request of reservation on our site, only the measures knowledge of which you will have had during your purchase will be opposable to you.

2. What is the personal information which Dodo Travel and Tours collects and in which purpose?
We collect only the personal information which you give us voluntarily. To help you to prepare your journey and to allow us to treat your orders of plane tickets or the other products or services proposed by Dodo Travel and Tours, we need to know your :

  • Last name 
  • First name 
  • Individual postal address 
  • Telephone number 
  • Email address 
  • Date of birth if you wish to benefit from young rates.

 During any order of products or services, we shall also ask you to communicate us your number of credit card, via secured access to our site. You remain free to modify this information all the time, by writing us on pure paper with Dodo Travel and Tours - Ambodivona-BP 12125 Antaninarenina - Antananarivo 101 - Madagascar or at the address : or

3. How may I be in control of my personal information?
By writing us on pure paper with Dodo Travel and Tours - Tana Waterfront-Ambodivona-BP 12125 Antaninarenina-Antananarivo on 101- Madagascar, you can:

  • Reach your personal coordinate, 
  • Correct or update them,
  • Delete them and so unsubscribe you of the site

4. Does Dodo Travel and Tours communicate my personal information with third parties? Where are they stored?
Dodo Travel & Tours refrains to reveal your personal information to other companies for purposes of use by these. In case Dodo Travel & Tours would like to communicate this information, it will not proceed to this operation without your agreement. This one will then be asked you during your registration on the site. The companies in which Dodo Travel & Tours would reveal your personal information would be partner companies wishing to contact you generally by mail or e-mail, to send you offers on their products and services. However, before revealing your information in third parties, we shall ask them to make a commitment to respect all the applicable laws regarding protection of the private life. They will also have to make a commitment

5. Does Dodo Travel and Tours collect information on the children?
We ask sometimes you your date of birth as well as that of the people accompanying you during a journey. This information is necessary for us in particular in the case of an order of plane ticket.

6. How Dodo Travel and Tours insure the confidentiality and the security of personal information concerning me?
We take any useful precautions, with regard to the nature of the data and the risks presented by the processing, to protect the safety of the data and, in particular, prevent that they are deformed, damaged, or that third parties unauthorized have access there. The subcontractors and the suppliers of Dodo Travel and Tours which have access to your information within the framework of the services which they supply us (then, for example of the sending of plane tickets) are kept in a strict obligation of confidentiality and they are not authorized to use this information in other purposes that the services that they supply in Dodo Travel and Tours

7. How do you protect my account ID of the hacking, when I communicate them to you during an order on your site?
When you have to seize sensitive information such as (for example, your number of credit card) on our forms of order or reservation, these are coded and protected with the system Version (protocol SSL) which is one of references regarding cryptographic protection today. During any secure communication, an icon representing a padlock appears to the screen, lower left of your Internet browser. You will also notice ' https: // ' (for ' secure http ') appearing in header of the internet address of the page.

8. Do you collect other information?
During your browsing on the site, Dodo Travel & Tours can collect, automatically and for technical reasons, information on your subject as, for example, type of browser software whom you use, the operating system of your computer. Dodo Travel & Tours also collects IP addresses during your registration to answer the questions of competent authorities, in particular in case of fraudulent act.

9. When I am redirected towards a site having clicked a link affixed on your site, am I always protected by your Quality charter?
Dodo Travel & Tours contains links hypertextes / hypermedia towards other sites. However, these are not covered by the Charter of Dodo Travel and Tours, of these Dodo Travel & Tours cannot be held responsible for practices of these sites regarding data protection. That is why we invite you, when you leave Dodo Travel & Tours, to inform you about the practices of each of the sites on which you can be brought to reveal personal data. However, we make a commitment to delete any link towards these third sites as soon as we shall have acquainted with their obviously illicit, inaccurate or inadequate character.

10. What the "spamming" and that is the position of your company on this subject?
"Spamming" or " e-mail Junk " is the fact for an individual or a company to send communications, in particular with commercial character, by e-mail to a large number of people without the latter gave their preliminary consent to the reception of these e-mails. Dodo Travel & Tours cancels these practices. You will receive e-mails of Dodo Travel & Tours or from its business partners that if you beforehand granted to receive them. You can return at any time on your consent by writing us on pure paper to Dodo Travel & Tours - Tana Waterfront-Ambodivona-BP 12125 Antaninarenina-Antananarivo on 101-Madagascar. We hope that the Charter Dodo Travel and Tours answers your expectations. If you wish to contact us about the protection of your

Legal Mentions 
Dodo Travel & Tours 
Registered Office - Tana Waterfront- Ambodivona- BP 12125 Antaninarenina- Antananarivo 101- Madagascar

Manager : Louis Doger de Speville

"Dodo Travel and Tours company is a holder of the entire copyright on the contents of the site Dodo Travel and Tours and his marks, logos, domain names and any relative distinguishing features are considered as work of the mind on whom Dodo Travel & Tours company holds any intellectual property rights and commercial. According to the capacities of the Code of the intellectual property and the treaties and the international agreements, any reproduction, the disclosure, the distribution, the representation, the translation, the distribution, the modification, the transcription, partial or total, whatever is the considered support and whatever that or the process used for a use other than that private is forbidden without the prior and express authorization of Dodo Travel and Tours Company