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Madagascar is before any a "Adventure", a journey off the beaten track, sites of exceptions. It is the island in miles smiles with a particularly welcoming population, a permanent sun all...


With a heart as beautiful as its coasts, Mauritius is like a cocktail sip composed of anti-stress made up of leisure resorts, a dose of cultural discovery and a finger of nature...


Volcanic island, the Reunion Island "intense island" is known for its hilly landscape, its majestic mountains, its taken circuses and its active volcano, the Hook of the Furnace and the offer to...


Archipelago in exceptional beauty .... Imagine atolls situated in the middle of lagoons turquoise, sandy beaches purposes of one whiteness spotless, sprinkled with sculptured rocks, lined...

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Indian Ocean


Tuesday 15 May 2018
Festival May :  Donia  International festival of culture and arts of the islands of the Indian Ocean. In the program: Carnival and...

DODO TRAVEL & TOURS, SPECIALIST OF THE VANILLA ISLANDS, offers you to travel differently and to discover two or more destinations in one trip. The Vanilla Island concept (Combined Islands) is intended to enrich your holidays, to make you live some different and complementary experiences through the magic of each place: the colors, the scents and flavors… a holiday rich of memorable souvenirs !

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Indian Ocean Special Discount

Maurice > Hôtels 6*
à partir de 2585.00€ 2950.00€ (7 nights) per pers *
Royal Palm Beachcomber Luxury 6 *
Located on the north coast, the Royal Palm, which is the most...
Seychelles > Hôtels 5*
à partir de 1025.00€ 1450.00€ (7 nights) per pers *
Constance Ephélia
Situated on the island of Mahé, Constance Ephélia Resort benefits from a...
Madagascar > Hôtels de plage
à partir de 800.00€ 1100.00€ (4 nights) per pers *
Constance Tsarabanjina
The Constance Tsarabanjina invites you to a bath in its deep blue...
Maurice > Hôtels 5*
à partir de 1370.00€ 1555.00€ (7 nights) per pers *
Shandrani Beachcomber Resort & Spa 5 *
Located on the south-east coast of Mauritius, the Shandrani Resort &...
Maurice > Hôtels 4*
à partir de 800.00€ 960.00€ (7 nights) per pers *
Victoria Beachcomber Resort & Spa 4*
Located on the north-west Mauritian coast, the Victoria, a spaicous family...
Maurice > Hôtels 4*
à partir de 710.00€ 820.00€ (7 nights) per pers*
Mauricia Beachcomber Resort & Spa 4*
Located at the heart of Gran-Baie, a costral Mauritian vibrant village of...

Indian Ocean favorites

Madagascar > Hôtels de plage
As from 1485.00€
(5 nights) per pers *
The hotel Nosy Komba is a beautiful island, an old volcano recovered by a...